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Home of Seize The Day Media, our new 501c3 and HTM's The Perfect Human Diet™ documentary, exciting follow-up film projects, the "how-to" companion book, reporters blog and personally vetted resources to bring you "The Health and Life You Deserve™". 

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The Perfect Human Diet 2: In Production and How to Help

Animal Foods and their production are under constant attack by films like

"What The Health" "Cowspiracy" "Forks Over Knives" & "The Game Changers"

Make no mistake, these films are winning over the hearts and minds of the public, the mainstream media, and the government policymakers, creating a rapidly growing population of viewers that walk away with an unquestioning faith that veganism and plant foods are the only way to save our health and our planet. 

That animal foods are the enemy. 

An enemy that must be stopped.

This propaganda is widely accepted as "the truth" due to the vegan and vegetarian communities ongoing financial support of their anti-animal foods message, passionately funding film after film.

But like me, if you care about preserving our unencumbered access to healthy animal foods, we can no longer leave these films unchallenged.

Together we can do this.

We're the same proven team who produced the #1 film, The Perfect Human Diet.

And now with your help we will unearth the whole truth with a new major feature film,

The Perfect Human Diet 2: Dispelling The Lies.

Let's level the playing field.

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"It is critically important to get both the health and sustainability story set straight"

- Robb Wolf